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24/7 Emergency Assist

Should you be involved in an accident and the vehicle requires towing our 24/7 Emergency line must be contacted 0861 769 787.

They will authorise the towing of your vehicle to our secure storage yard.

Should a towing company NOT authorised take control and custody of your vehicle, the cost and trouble involved in having your vehicle released will be borne by the insured.
Caravans Roxsure

The 24/7 assist service covers you for the following:

Item Description
Accident Assist Should your vehicle not be drivable we will ensure that your vehicle will be taken to secure storage yard for safe keeping and assessment.
Roadside Assist Locksmiths services, flat battery or tyre, run out of fuel, mechanical & electric breakdown cover for first 40km, cost thereafter for insured's account.
Home Assist Should you have building cover we cover you in the need of a domestic tradesman or repair as a result of breakage of fixtures or fittings, Roxsure assist line will arrange for an appropriate repairer to come to your home to address the problem, they will send the Locksmith, Electrician or Plumber for just 1 hour to fix the problem this excludes cost of parts, depending on the problem if it is a maintenance related issue they will advise the insurer accordingly.